The P-50™ production begins with dried grapefruit pulp, seeds and rag.  The extraction is processed using sterile, stainless steel tank presses especially manufactured to our specifications.  Once the extraction phase is complete, food grade ingredients are used for further processing. Additional ascorbic acid is added for stabilization of the product.

Our proprietary technology yields an active phytochemical compound consisting of flavonoids such as naringin, ascorbic acid, tocopherols and citric acid. P-50™ is a heavy viscous liquid, medium yellow in color and water-soluble.  It has a mild citrus odor.  The components are stable at high temperatures.

As a concentrated bioflavonoid, P-50 has demonstrated activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including E. Coli and Staph. Aureus, as well as a variety of fungi.  Ascorbic acid has been found to be active against a broad spectrum of microbials.  Studies have also shown that compounds such as naringin, hesperidin and other flavanones present in grapefruit exhibit medicinal and therapeutic properties.  The synergistic action of these polyphenols, limonoid glycosides, sterols and minerals contribute to the effectiveness of P-50™.